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Sales and marketing training

Develop your brand image and sales in the digital age. Differentiate, innovate, create value with our sales and marketing training.

Develop and align your teams around common goals.

coaching marketing programme
Formation commerciale LinkedIN

LinkedIN Business Training

Develop your brand image and sales through LinkedIn and Social Selling

Duration: 2 days

Ocean Blue Business Training

Sustain growth with a method and practices that create value

Duration: 2 days

Trade Training Red Ocean

Improve efficiency differentiate in competitive environment

Duration 2 days

Formation Coeur Essonne
CŒUR Essonne Marketing Training
formation Kingspan
Formation LinkedIN KINGSPAN Light + Air
Formation commerciale Newr
Formation commerciale New’R

Prepare for your next sales and marketing course

What is the purpose of a sales and marketing course ?

  • Improve the visibility of the Company
  • Generate qualified leads for sales teams
  • Better coordinate and engage sales and marketing teams with diverse profiles
  • Better engage and keep professional buyers in the digital age.

What can you expect from CVS Marketing training ?

Practical and proven with many participants, our training courses motivate your experts and improve their commercial efficiency, among others in the pre-sales phase (prospecting). Customized, our trainings will be adapted to the situation and expectations of your company, and to the profiles of your teams.

For whom ?

Sales and marketing teams and company managers. And also : Business creators and liberal professions.

Who designs them ? Who provides them ?

Your CVS marketing consultant provides the design, the implementation and the follow-up of its own marketing and sales training for your teams.

How to finance your training ? How to proceed ?

Would you like to set up a file for financing your next CVS Marketing training by your OPCO or others?

Our partner Qualiopi certified training organization advises you on the choice of the device that can be activated and the conditions to be respected. It ensures the administrative management of your file and ensures the compliance of the training provided by CVS Marketing with Qualiopi quality standards.

It’s time to take action!

Take advantage of the changes in the behavior of your B2B Buyers and the evolution of market conditions by giving us your team training projects. With the COVID-19 health crisis, it is urgent to train ! Throughout your professional life, we help you develop your potential and your sales and marketing practices.

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