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Inbound marketing agency.

To interest, influence and convince your future Customers, that’s our job

Let’s talk about Inbound

B2B Inbound Marketing

Is your company looking to implement an inbound strategy to generate qualified leads ? Our inbound marketing agency reconciles Marketing & Sales by bringing qualified traffic to your website and new business leads.

inbound marketing focus


Focusing sales on high value-added customers

inbound marketing optimisation


Reduce sales prospecting costs with the digital channel

inbound marketing visibilite


Increase the visibility of leads in the CRM for better follow-up

inbound marketing efficacité


Increase sales effectiveness and marketing/sales alignment

inbound marketing croissance


Use digital marketing as a vector for sustainable growth

Define the Inbound Marketing Strategy

Prospecting with inbound marketing allows you to naturally generate leads that will be qualified until they are transferred to sales according to a precise process led by aligned sales / marketing teams with diverse skills.

In the digital era, the power is with the Buyer.

Highly connected, the buyer searches, compares and chooses products and services online. This is why the supplier must adapt to these new behaviors and uses of Internet. So, it is necessary to emerge on the Web on a search engine like google (91.5% of web requests in France). But it is important to be visible on the web with a relevant and attractive offer. This value proposition must arouse the buyer’s interest and commit him to contact his future service provider – at the right place, at the right time.

Our environment is increasingly competitive.

More and more B2B companies are looking to refocus their sales forces on high value-added customers in the face of increased competition. But this requires freeing them from the burden of prospecting. Moreover, a ‘hard’ prospecting visit is inefficient while its cost is high, around 500€ all charges included. This is why the upstream phase of the sale (prospecting) is more and more entrusted to specialized units.

Digitalization of sales and marketing : new tools, processes and trained teams

Thanks to inbound marketing, no more forgetting to follow up with prospects. Using an inbound marketing agency like CVS Marketing allows you to contact them at the right time, with the right offer. No more outbound telemarketing calls. From now on, entrust them with the mission of receiving and qualifying incoming requests. Trained in sales techniques, your telemarketing teams become the aces of lead qualification up to opportunities.

inbound marketing formation

Inbound Marketing Agency

New strategies to conquer potential customers. Up to a 5-fold reduction in your prospecting costs. A better follow-up ‘from Lead to Customer’. A benefit after the sale : additional services, loyalty, brand image. On a daily basis, CVS Marketing provides advice, value and marketing services.

We Support B2B Professionals

We help you define your B2B digital strategy, train your teams or choose the best marketing automation tool for your business in energy, industry and professional services.

inbound marketing B2B
  • Automation Marketing selection

  • Marketing/sales lead generation workshop

  • Marketing/sales lead management workshop

  • Inbound marketing / automation training

  • Creation of marketing content

  • Inbound Marketing Outsourcing

B2B Corporate Digital Strategies

We help you to define and execute your business digital strategy(s) according to your quality standards, deadlines and budgets. Specializing in energy, industry and professional services, we publish quality content on the web to attract your future customers and engage them in conversation. We help them in their selection process, then bring them to contact you when their project is sufficiently advanced.

Execution of the multi-channel digital marketing plan

We improve your natural referencing on search engines. We use social networks but also ultra-targeted and ultra-personalized content. They provide key answers to your prospects’ questions. Then, it is up to them to decide if they want to get more content or contact a sales expert of the company. We handle the leading marketing automation software on the market.

Marketing Automation adapted to YOUR Business and Support

You have a Marketing Automation software acquisition project for your marketing team / Inside Sales ? Good idea ! We help you in the sourcing (research and comparative analysis) and scoring of marketing automation software, with complete impartiality towards suppliers. Moreover, we support the development of your internal teams through our marketing automation training services, onboarding or outsourcing.

inbound marketing planification campagnes

Inbound campaign planning

Audit of your assets, re-use of optimized content, creation of new marketing content, landing pages, technical set-up and planning of inbound marketing campaigns from your tools connected or not to the CRM.

Entrust your digital prospecting to a specialist

inbound marketing test learn optimisation

Inbound Test & Learn and Optimization

Implementation of A/B testing campaigns, scenarios, interaction optimization (downloads, information requests). Follow-up on the maturity of prospects (BANT), seasonal customer communication campaigns: additional sales, cross-selling, loyalty.

Optimize conversions and lead quality

inbound marketing externalisation automation

Marketing automation outsourcing

Outsourced management of your automated marketing campaigns according to your objectives and schedules. Provide performance reports (sending rates, openings, clicks, conversions…) and prospect listings to be contacted in priority.

Offer a unique customer experience at the right time