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Agency content marketing.

We help you make the difference between ‘lost funds’ and marketing efficiency by planning your content marketing strategy and designing quality content.

Indeed, infographics, e-books, downloadable flourish on the web. In investments that can sound hollow when they are poorly targeted, poorly planned, or by lack of depth, originality or clarity… and that degrades the user experience. Looking to get off the beaten track? To better engage your B to B customers ?

Entrust us with the creation of your marketing, sales or communications materials.

digital content marketing
content marketing proposition valeur

Content Marketing Strategy

Definition of your content marketing strategy including objectives (Notoriety, Evaluation, Purchase), Personas targeting (Customer typologies), value proposition, activities, channels, leaders, planning, budget.

In the shoes of your prospects

content marketing proposition valeur

Blue Ocean Value Proposition

Organization of expert sessions on sectoral innovation topics to build together a unique, profitable and special offer to a market niche, opening new opportunities.

Offer value to your customers

content marketing differenciation red ocean

Red Ocean Differentiation

Writing content such as blog, e-book, white paper to convince mature markets by the comparative approach, selection by the overall cost of the project, comfort, quality etc.

Get out of the price battle

content marketing plan

Content Marketing Plan

Definition of the editorial strategy and marketing content matrix to be produced by objectives, editorial schedule and distribution channels.

Increase your audience impact

content marketing gestion sous-traitance

Outsourcing management

Drafting of agency briefs. Comparative quotes, subcontractor relations, coordination of video projects, blogs etc., monitoring deadlines and quality control.

Your marketing content on time

content marketing bilan resultats

Marketing results review

Send reports on views, interactions, conversions. Recommendations for optimizations and lead nurturing actions.

Your marketing leads and opportunities

Our Marketing Difference

content marketing comprehension business

Understanding of your business

First of all, we listen to your business, your types of customers, your challenges and challenges. But also the needs you meet, the value of your solutions, current marketing actions and those desired. Thus, we are committed to knowing your marketing.

Have B2B expertise energy, industry, professional services

content marketing experts

Engaging your experts

Depending on the nature of the content production work to be carried out, we identify together the internal partners to meet during expert sessions. We organize, frame and animate these sessions to collect data useful for the production of unique marketing content: website, social media, etc

Take advantage of synergies between Sales, Marketing and Communications

content marketing gestion de projet

Rigor in the management of projects

We manage the end-to-end marketing content project. Specifications, choice of service providers, design, validation process, production, compliance with deadlines/ quality/ budget. Then, distribution of digital and print content. Finally, on-demand reporting (impressions, clicks, visits, engagement, downloads, quotes, etc.).

Facilitate your daily life with an external content production service

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