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Professional social networks.

Since 2008, we have been using LinkedIN on a daily basis in all our plans: visibility, reputation and company reputation, lead generation, social selling, customer relations, human sourcing, recruitment, employer brand.

Many marketing departments or SMEs now outsource the management of their social networks to cvs marketing. They can thus refocus on their core business.

Our flagship services: social selling on LinkedIN and community management.

digital social media
Reseaux sociaux community management

Community Management

Promote your brand on social media

CVS Marketing manages your corporate pages LinkedIN, YouTube, Facebook. Writing and distributing posts, articles, photos, videos and infographics. Sourcing and dissemination of studies and business news. Social monitoring. Moderation. Monitoring indicators. Social media reporting.

Reseaux sociaux sourcing listing prospects

Sourcing and listing Prospects

Facilitate marketing and sales qualification

With our tools, we can source new leads/ accounts on your behalf. Manage connections. Automate presentation emails. Give you qualified files for your next marketing and sales campaigns.

Reseaux sociaux emails publicites

Sponsored emails and advertisements

Recruit the best talent and find new prospects

Targeting demographics or interests. Writing and publishing content adapted to the audience. Budget/ duration settings. Sending CVs (HR) / Leads (Commerce). Results and ROI at the end of the social media campaign.

Social media trainings

All Public Social Networks, LinkedIN Commercial Training, LinkedIN HR and LinkedIN tailor-made

reseaux sociaux linkedin commerciaux

Commercial LinkedIN

Train your Salespeople in a Social Selling approach

Need training in digital sales prospecting? CVS Marketing helps your sales and marketing teams be more efficient by training them in Social Selling via LinkedIN, Sales Navigator and extensions. We promote success sharing, group emulation and marketing/sales cohesion.

reseaux sociaux linkedin RH

HR LinkedIN

Attracting and recruiting talent, creating a common future and a “all together”

Empathy, exchanges, leadership: we train you both in the optimization of the HR process (profiling, sourcing, automated HR relationships) and we support Managers, during collaborative workshops, value creation (employer brand) as part of an inbound recruitment strategy.

reseaux sociaux linkedin sur-mesure

Custom LinkedIN

Tailor-made program and organization of training in your company

Based on your history, your objectives and the profile of your employees, we design a tailor-made training program validated together. We train your employees, managers and management teams. We manage the logistics and delivery of deliverables. We create your Social Media Charter.

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