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conseils ateliers marketing vente

Marketing workshops.

Practical and motivating marketing and sales workshops. The group advances on a theme and presents an action plan at the end of the workshop.

A “small step” approach for short term results. Team cohesion and commitment.

ateliers marketing

Practical themes
100% proven

— Marketing and sales planning
— Lead Generation
— Marketing and sales qualification
— Digital for sales
— 1 Blue Ocean Strategy module
— 1 Red Ocean Strategy module
— 1 Value Proposition Scripts module
— Communicate within the company
— Carrying the company’s values
— Customer satisfaction : what next ?


Format, duration and location

Intra-company : 3 hours, all France
Inter-company : 3 hours, Île-de-France and 44


CVS Consultant

Participants :4 to 6 people max.
Functions : CODIR, sales, R&D, others


Certified coach (option)

Customized :co-development Collective Intelligence Workshops (CIW)