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Explanatory video for a global energy leader

EATON renews its confidence in CVS Marketing for the launch on the French market of its new Operating Repeater Board, the TRE Replica Touch. The opportunity to reveal through a product launch video all the aestheticism, the simplicity of use and the user-friendliness of the system.

Background :

Willingness to demonstrate visually and in real time the capabilities of the system

For the launch of its TRE Replica Touch, EATON was ready with a serious, proven and efficient process : technical data sheet, sales pitch, product web pages, distributor training, demo cases etc. Yes, but…

At EATON, we are aware that purchasing behaviors are changing and that offering excellent products remains a necessity. But communicating well has become a source of differentiation with the rise of social networks like LinkedIN.

The issue :

To create a new emotion for the SSI Distributors and their Installer Customers

The challenge is to create a technological breakthrough with the TRE Replica Touch by positioning it as a major innovation in the field of Fire Safety Systems. Beyond words, EATON wishes to demonstrate the capabilities of the product through an explanatory video… and create a buzz !

The Customer’s request is both :

The solution :

Storyboard and step-by-step video explaining benefits and features

CVS Marketing managed the project from start to finish on time and to the EATON Group charter.

The advantages for EATON :