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From market research, strategy and planning to execution and measurement of sales and marketing plans, including expert digital marketing services. CVS Marketing can help you build a clear, engaging and effective Marketing Strategy in France through more than 25-years experience of the energy, industrial, and construction sectors. Additionally, we can engage with customers and markets efficiently and effectively to grow your business with no investment in permanent marketing overheads thanks to our French marketing management outsourcing services. Finally, a local French digital expert will accompany your Teams on increasing brand awareness, lead generation, customer retention, improving Customer lifetime value, or launching new products and services in France. 

At CVS Marketing, we imagine and we act efficiently for your long-term business growth.

Specialized BtoB Marketing Agency

Marketing Management Outsourcing.

Support the commercial success of SMEs over the long term, in a flexible mode, without you having to recruit or train with marketing outsourcing.